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At RMI our goal is to treat the cellular aging process using the latest advances in regenerative medicine, genetics, and biotechnology, to enhance what we refer to as healthspan – a longer period of healthy youthful function.

RMI Costa Rica is the only institute treating the cellular aging process

Why RMI is Unique?

RMI is the only institute treating the cellular aging process. While other Stem Cell Centers focus on treating diseases which are the result of cellular aging, RMI treats the origin of all age-related diseases, which is the cellular aging process itself.

Our program focusses on 5 key elements: Prevention, Proactive, Predictive and a Precision approach to Personalized medicine – the “5P Program”.  RMI uses all three major categories and sources of stem cells, which include: blood-derived, fat-derived and umbilical cord stem cells depending on the therapy and personal goals of its patients.

We also utilize cell enhanced therapy for reversing the signs of the aging process on the face and body with the latest regenerative cosmetic surgery procedures.

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